Daydream and Escape to Golf with Great Social Media Photos

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We're midway through the workweek and one day closer to the long holiday weekend, so what better time than now to take a quick break and daydream of our next round with some of the best golf photos on social media from the last week.
Our feeds continue to be filled with amazing, picturesque photos week in and week out from amateur and professional photographers alike. If you've taken a great photo on the course lately & its sitting stored away on your cell phone, be sure to upload it and tag it with #EscapeToGolf on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to be featured in our weekly series.
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This was so fun to see pop up for me. As you know, I played @goldenvalleycountryclub on Saturday, with the intention of playing and photographing the course. After we finished 18, some of our group headed back out on the course to see what shots we could get before the sun went down. There is a pretty good line of trees on the west side of the course that limits the length of the sunset on the course. While the sun may not have set yet, a large portion of the course is now under shadows since the sun angle is low enough to be blocked by the trees. Plus it is called Golden Valley so it does sit a bit lower, elevation wise than some other places around the Twin Cities. I could see the sun hitting the tops of the trees from where we were standing but there wasn't a shot from the ground to capture it, so I popped my drone up in the air to take a look around. I wasn't quite expecting to see this, but there it was; downtown Minneapolis, the moon, some light clouds and the tree tops, lit up from the sunset. In front of this shot is the 7th fairway which has Bassett Creek cutting across it near the green. It was a great time and I can't wait to get out and do it again! - - - - #golfcourse #golfcoursephotos #golfcoursearchitecture #goldenvalleycountryclub #GVCC #golfcoursephotography #whyilovetgisgame #golflife #instagood #golfaddict #escapetogolf #fromwhereidrone @djiglobal #beautifulgolfcourses #parkergolfphotography #professionalgolfphotos #bestgolfcourses #golf #golfday #fairwaysandgreens #golfphotography #golfart #golfing #golfphotos #instagoodmyphoto #golfporn #golfersofinstagram

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Pristine ⛳ ⬅️ Swipe (📸 @channingbenjaminphotography)

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Up next (in just 264 days) ... #PGAChamp

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Early morning views @wolfcreekutah 😇

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Dew sweeper or sunset chaser? When do you find golf to be most peaceful and enjoyable? For me it’s when I’m chasing sunsets and hoping that last drive on 18 will be a good one so I can convince myself dinner will taste that much better :). How about you? - - To inquire about prints or getting stunning imagery/videography produced of your golf course, send me a message or email If you like what you see, spread the word :). - - - #theislandgolfclub #malahide #donabate #dublin #sunset #golf #irelandgolf #irishgolf #golfphotos #golfphotography #golfcoursephotography #golfdigest #linksgolf #golfcoursedesign #golfcoursearchitect #golfcoursearchitecture #beautifulgolfcourses #golfporn #topgolfcourses #worldclass #links #dunes #linksgolf #puregolf #golf_com #epicgolfshot

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